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Club Location

Tuckton Social Club
Tuckton Road, BH6 3AA.

The site we are on is being re-developed, so our club venue may not be exactly as shown on the map. The new club house is now situated on the main Tuckton Road next door to the estate agents, near the Tuckton roundabout. Current access to the club house car park is via Old Priory Road which is off Bell Vue Road (B3059).


To contact the club just come along to one of the meetings, or use any of the ‘Leave a Reply’ boxes, as below, to send a message (you don’t need a log-in or password to use this facility). Enter your message, name and email address in the appropriate boxes to ensure a reply.


26 responses to “Our Location / Contact

  1. I’m thinking of coming to the meeting on Sunday. What games are planned and will there be any slots free?
    Thanks, Fred.

    • Fred,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Come along to see us and ask for a committee member. They will then explain all about the club. We are located within the new Tuckton Social Club next the estate agents (where the old Citroen garage used to be) on the Tuckton high street. This session starts at 1pm.


      • I wish to pass on some sad news regarding my uncle, Tony Diggins,who I believe was a member of your club. Tony passed away earlier this month and I should like to inform any members who knew Tony, and wish to attend, that his funeral is to be held at Bournemouth Crematorium on Monday 29th June at 2pm. I should also like to extend a warm invitation to all to celebrate the life of Tony afterwards at The Fiveways, Charminster.
        Bev (Tony’s Niece)

  2. Hi there, my name is Miles Holmes and I’m a game designer from Canada and sci-fi writer published with Privateer Press. I noticed your club online and thought you’d be a great source of advice if you are ‘game’. I’m currently developing a new car combat themed tabletop strategy miniatures game. You and your club have probably seen so many games come across your play-spaces that I know you are the experts on what is worth playing and what isn’t.

    We have a private beta-site at http://www.rkcarcombat.com which is the prequel to our Kickstarter campaign launch scheduled for May 31. Kickstarter.com is a crowd-funding site supporting artists and designers who are developing new artistic projects. People around the world back projects they believe in at different pledge levels in exchange for rewards to help independent creators get cool products into the hands of people who will love them, without being told by corporate middle-men or publishers what they should buy.

    We are not looking for any pledges right now – just the feedback of passionate gamers who can advise us on whether we’re on the right track before we ‘go live’. This is a family project (my sister and I are working on the campaign together) and we are committed to making sure we’ve covered off everything you’d expect from a tabletop game.
    If you or any of your club members have the time, we would really like to know what you think. We value any advice you could offer.

    Feel free to forward the link to our beta-site to anyone you know who might also be interested in previewing the project and sending us feedback.


    Thanks for your time!

    You can also check out our blog at http://www.infinitygate.com, follow us on Twitter @Infinitygate or visit us on Facebook.com/Infinitygate.

  3. Hello guys! I am a excange student, who is interesed in wargaming and tcg games.. I was wondering, in Bournemouth, is there some shop with infinity/warhammer miniatures or shop with pokemon/mtg cards??


  4. Greetings fellow wargamer, I am interested in joining a gaming club, the one I go yo currently is good but I need to get more games in for practice ect, I was wondering if I could ask some questions, the first I am currently disabled and I need to use crutches or a wheelchair depending if seating is a problem, would it be possible to come along on crutches and barrow a chair? Or attending in a wheelchair?
    My second is, is your club still running?
    My third is do I need to book a game? Or could I improvise and find one there on the day?
    Really sorry for all the questions
    My name is panda
    And if you need to contact me my email address is pandykins2504@gmail.com
    Hope to chat soon

    • Hello Panda,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the club is still active with meetings on the first and third Sundays of each month. See the ‘About the Club’ page on our web site for general information regarding the clubs activities. The Tuckton Social Club is a new building with the main hall and toilet facilities on the ground floor. May I suggest that you come along to one of the meetings, ask for one of the Stab club ‘committee members’ and they will show you around the clubs facilities. You can then decide whether you wish to continue attending the club meetings.

      The new club house is now situated on the main Tuckton Road next door to the estate agents, near the Tuckton roundabout. Current access to the club house car park is via Old Priory Road which is off Bell Vue Road (B3059).

      Regards Stephen

    • Hi Dave,
      Not sure about infinity, however we do have Warhammer and 40k players amongst others. The clubs are the first and third Sundays in the month. See the ‘About the club’ page on the blog site. You are welcome visit us on a club day to see if you think the club is for you. Just ask for a committee member.

      Many Thanks Stephen

  5. Hi guys,

    I quite enjoy boardgames and wargames, anything from fantasy to historic battles or sci-fi, but I struggle to find someone to play with regularly in the Bournemouth area.

    Are you guys meeting this Sunday?

    I was thinking of poping up to say hello and maybe join a game if there is room…

    Let me know if that’s ok.



    • Bart,
      We meet on the first Sunday of the month at 10am and on the third Sunday of the month at 1pm. We will be glad to see you. Drop in for a chat and see if our club is for you. You can get an idea of the games we play by looking at the past entries our our blog.

    • Mark,
      Our club meets on the first and second Sunday each month. Our next meeting is on the 18th November. The first meeting in the month starts at 10 am and the second meeting starts at 1 pm. What type of games are you interested in?
      Alan, club treasurer.

      • Necromunda,oldhammer,15mm napoleonics,,i have a large dead mans hand gang,,+others,,
        I will be away on the 18th,,mothers birthday,,but i will try December,,i could bring the necromunda along if anyone wants too play?

      • Mark,
        One of our members is just planning a 15mm Napoleonic campaign, so that might suit you. I have seen 28mm Bolt Action played once or twice many moons ago but we currently play quite a bit of Battlegroup in 20mm, (see ‘meeting 4th November’). Not sure about the other games you mention but there are members who, I am sure, would be interested. I suggest you come along to one of our meetings and see if our club is for you. We are a small club but friendly. Popular games at the moment are, ‘To the Strongest’ in 28mm, ‘Battlegroup’ in 20mm, (1/72), ‘Lion Rampant’ in 28mm, ‘Gaslands’ and quite a few ‘home grown’ rules. You can get a better idea of the games we play by trawling through our web site and looking at posts from our previous meetings. I won’t be at the meeting on Sunday 2nd but you’ll be made very welcome if you come along. The Tuckton Social Club building is just next to the Tesco mini store and there is a car park behind, accessed from Old Priory Road, BH6 3AA. The car park has a barrier which opens automatically.
        Alan Easton

  6. Hi I’ve just moved to the area and am looking to find a club. I’ve wargamed for many years and have a variety of armies (15mm Ancients (too many to list, early Medieval, liberation of Chile, Pacific War (1879 not 1941) all in 15mm and Napoleonics in 25mm. I’d like to pay a visit and perhaps participate in a game if possible. I presume your next meeting is 7th April.

    • Alan,
      I replied to your later email first. Your armies would almost certainly get opponents. I look forward to meeting you.
      Alan Easton.

  7. Hi
    I attempted to leave a reply here about a week ago, but nothing seems to have happened, so I’m not sure whether I managed to do it properly.
    I’ve recently moved down from Wiltshire and am looking to find a club within a reasonable distance and was thinking about visiting your club on Sunday.
    Alan Curtis

    • Alan,
      So sorry not to have replied sooner. I hope you didn’t visit our club on the bank holiday Monday – it wasn’t very well attended!
      We would be delighted to see you. We meet on the fist Sunday (start at 10am) and the third Sunday (start at 1pm) of each month. We play a variety of games and we are always open to new suggestions. Come along and see if what we have to offer is for you. Our website gives a good idea of the variety of games we play.
      Alan Easton

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