Meeting 4th November 2018

A good meeting with 4 games. A superb looking battle of Blenheim in 15mm using ‘Volley and Bayonet’ rules, WWII using ‘Battlegroup’ rules, a futuristic ‘Gaslands’ game and a medieval crusader battle using ‘Soldiers of God’. I took so many pictures at the weekend, but decided only to post 5 pictures of each game, an exception being the Blenheim game because it looked so good. Enjoy the photos, all taken during play – nothing ‘staged’ here. I have chosen a picture from the Blenheim game as the featured image but, for personal reasons, I particularly like the image of the burning jagdpanther and half track with pinned infantry!



3 responses to “Meeting 4th November 2018

  1. Thanks for the photos! I promise more (if not all) Gaslands vehicles and (fingers crossed) terrain will be painted for the next game. The several hundred Bag o’ Zombies undead I have for the Zombie Bash event may take slightly longer…

    • I love Zombies. The Walking Dead is my favourite show. Hope you’re serious. If not I might have to do something about it myself.

  2. Shockingly, I still have yet to watch TWD. Will probably get the complete box-set once the show has concluded. I know it’s reckoned to be the best take on zombies since George Romero’s films. But yes – two whole jiffy bags of ‘walkers’, totalling 200 altogether! Still no Michael Jackson figure though. – Jonathan

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