Meeting 15th July 2018

No pictures from the last two meetings – but we’re still here. Fear not. Two games this meeting. ‘ Gaslands’ and a ‘big battle’ ‘To the strongest’ with 6 players. It all worked very well.


3 responses to “Meeting 15th July 2018

  1. Thanks for including the Gaslands photos – a lot of painting still to do on the basic teams – I have about 6 or 7 different factions in mind – and the desert scenery should look good once painted. You only need a couple of vehicles per player. Definitely a very accessible and not-too-expensive game to get into!

  2. Jonathan.
    It all looks very promising. A few quid and a bit of painting/conversion will purchase many vehicles. I’ve already scouted out my grandsons car collection for suitable models!

  3. The racing events and combat scenarios don’t have to take place in a desert, of course – all sorts of 20mm scenery can be used (maybe a post-apocalyptic rural setting, for instance). There’s plenty of leeway as regards vehicle size and shape, although of course some of the more outlandish / large ones will probably generate interesting situations when manoeuvring, ramming and so on…

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