Lion Rampant Multi Player 4.5.2016


Nine players took part in what was, dare I say, a very successful day. The success depended upon a number of factors, not least the number of club members who contributed terrain and ‘spare’ retinues for those without one to use. It should also be noted that 6 of the players had never played Lion Rampant before.

The game was played on a 8 x 6 table and the terrain planned well in advance so that the terrain can be gathered as necessary. A table this size, for example, eats up roads and other terrain features – so you need plenty. A pre-plan of the table was also necessary to determine entry points and objectives.

Objectives were in the form of 40 cards, made up into 4 sets of 10. One set was identical and detailed the glory points to be gained by killing your enemies, for example, 1 glory point for 2 x men-at-arms killed or 3 x yeomen, etc. The of the other three sets each had two similar themes with 5 cards for each theme. Each theme would, of course, set player against player.  In one theme glory points were available for capturing a wagon and take it to the castle or bridge or the crops or the fair. In another theme players had to capture a wench and take her to the castle, or rocky outcrop, or hermits house or squires house or fair.

At first I feared the worse as, with 9 players, they immediately set about each other at the edges of the table and I worried that the middle of the table would be left alone. I need not have worried as soon umpteen players were chasing after, capturing and losing both the wagon and the wench.

I did think I could improve upon the game if I ever do something like this again. I made the decision to count up the glory points at the end of the game and I now wish I had made a note of them as they were acquired. There was never any doubt, however, about the winner. Congratulations Jake, you won by a mile. Capturing both the wagon and stealing the tax collectors money, your deeds will be the subject of stories and songs down the ages.

The photos give an idea of the scale of the game.



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