Meeting 21st February

Hi, Almost two weeks late but here is a summary of what was going on at the club on 21st Feb. War and Conquest – 2 games, Apocalypse board game and a game of Lion Rampant. A few of my, ( and Pete Lowe’s), favourite pictures, mostly of our Lion Rampant game.

1, 2 and 3. War and Conquest (Crusaders and Arab types)




4 and 5. That well known historical conflict between Indians and Vikings!



6. Apocalypse. Red looks like they’re doing well.

IMG_20160221_155202754 - Copy

The remainder – Lion Rampant. Starting with the spy hiding out in the church tower…


…the outlaws ride to find her, (they don’t know where she is) – stupid outlaws…


…the outlaws are chased away by the lords men…



…meanwhile ‘Robin Hood’ caught by indecision fails to move and is caught between two parties of knights. Things not looking too good for Robin…


…meanwhile the ‘spy’ has been located and the ‘merry men’ try desperately to remove her from the clutches of the Lord’s Yeomen…


…scenery provided by Pete Lowe made all the difference to the game and increased the fun…


…Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion, Will Scarlet, Allen a Dale and Much, the millers son are charged down by the knights…


…will the spy make it to safety? Alas no. She, and her brave would be rescuers are all killed. Such is life in medieval England.


That’s all folks. Happy gaming.













One response to “Meeting 21st February

  1. War and Conquest? War and Schmonquest. I’m switching to Hail Caesar. And I don’t mean the George Clooney version.

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