Club Meeting 1.3.15 plus SAGA map update.


As usual it was a well-attended club meeting. I played two games of Bolt Action, there was a ‘big’ game of Warhammer, (I think), a game of Distopian Wars, and other games which escaped my attention because I was having so much fun, including, to my shame, the moments watching 3 out of Hobbit’s 4 airstrikes hit his own troops. I was also extremely lucky elsewhere……

“Himmel Hans. Two Sherman tanks are approaching”.

“Fear not Kurt. Our squad has two panzerfausts. More than enough. Give the order to advance and fire”.

“Hans! Are you mad? This is surely suicidal”.

“Fire”. (BOOM)

“Fire”. (BOOM)

“Hans, you will get the Iron Cross for this”.

Well he didn’t because the whole squad was wiped later out and no-one got to hear about his exploits! Anyway – great fun. And all in 1/72nd scale.

Photos of the club meeting and SAGA campaign map are below.

Happy gaming







Oh joy



Foam carry trays – it must be Warhammer.



These REALLY do fly. They do.






??? No idea ???



Latest campaign map.




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