Adding Personality To A Basic Kit

Recently, while rekindling my first love of 1/76 & 1/72 WWII plastic vehicle kits I thought that I would have a go at creating some of the additional items that customize and add to the personality of the basic kit. My first attempts have included adding tank track and wheels taken from old kits I’ve had in storage for more years than I care to mention,  using various sources plastic, e.g. mobile phone cards, to make items such as storage boxes and experimented with modelling putty to create sand bags and rolled canvas tarpaulins. Here are a few of my current projects.

This late 70’s Airfix M5 Half Track is getting a make over incorporating a canvas cover using Milliput putty.



These new Italeri M4A3 Shermans have had a shelf, spare wheels, tank track, sand bags, storage boxes and a back pack added.



This Armourfast German Half Track has additional spare tire, Gerry can and canvas roll. An old 37mm anti tank gun has also been added to signify a troop commanders vehicle.


Old and new. This late 70’s Airfix M4 Sherman (below left) has been recalled and covered in sand bags in an attempt to improve it’s protection. To the right of the M4 the new Revell Sherman Firefly ( which is actually an old Matchbox mould ) has also had a shelf, wheels, track, sand bags, storage box and canvas roll added. I’ve also used builders caulk which when painted looks like mud coating the wheels and tracks.





So having seen some of my modest efforts would any of our members care to share their modelling tips or inform us about their latest project? If so then please email your post to the usual club email address.

Many Thanks Stephen


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